Maintenance Policy

As part of their maintenance and support benefits, customers receive at least one major upgrade to their system each year, incorporating all the enhancements developed since the last upgrade. In addition, customers may receive bug fixes, minor releases or special enhancements off-cycle. Envision is committed to making upgrades as simple as possible for our customers, and will work closely with program staff to implement upgrades with the most convenient timing and processes.


In addition to our normal enhancement cycle, Envision regularly works with our customers to develop custom enhancements: to existing parts of the applications, as brand-new functionality, and for integration into other IT systems in customer environments. When these customizations have general applicability to our customer base, we incorporate them into the core product offerings so all customers benefit — at no additional cost beyond their annual maintenance and support fees.

Source Code

Envision provides source code for all application components (front-end, server and database) to our customers with each upgrade. Through this process, customers are ensured not only of having permanent access to the software they have licensed, in some cases they may choose to enhance the software on their own.

Support Request

Envision’s customers each have a specific point of contact for support issues, but if you are experiencing an emergency and do not have this information, please call us on (303) 914-9797 and press 0.

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